Boka Bon Chon & Wafels and dinges

I just can’t get enough of those damn fried chicken wings and drumsticks!  I don’t know how they make them, but they come out so crispy and delicious that I don’t mind that the spicy ones are burning my face off.  I just keep eating them!  They also come in soy & garlic flavor, whichContinue reading “Boka Bon Chon & Wafels and dinges”

Delicious Mooncakes!

Ok, so before I came to Singapore, if you’d asked me if I wanted a Moon Cake, I would’ve thought you were joking.  It sounds like something out of a fairy tale.  Moon Cakes, fairies, magic mushrooms… you get the point. But, lo and behold, there are in fact moon cakes and they are… veryContinue reading “Delicious Mooncakes!”

TAN’s Tu Tu Coconut Cake

Looking for something sweet to nibble on while you’re walking around Vivocity mall? Want a snack to enjoy while you’re sitting outside, enjoying the breeze and the wading pools? I really have to recommend that anyone who visits Vivocity stops by this stand and picks up some of these coconut cakes. They’re about the sizeContinue reading “TAN’s Tu Tu Coconut Cake”