Redeeming Shopping Coupons

Most stores nowadays have a redemption program, or some sort of loyalty program, where you get a discount after spending a certain amount, or when you use your membership card.  It’s basically a common practice.

Shop N Save is no different.  They have a program where you get stamps every time you shop there.  The amount of stamps you get is based on how much you spend.  If you save up enough stamps within the month you can redeem them for discounts or even cookware.

The problem is that the stamps become invalid after the month they were “earned” in, so you feel compelled to buy, buy, buy!

But, who really needs that many groceries?  Especially if you’re elderly and you don’t have kids at home anymore?  People still want to take advantage of the promotion.

What I’ve noticed lately is that when I exit Shop N Save, there is typically an older person standing around and as you pass by the ask you for your stamps, so they can apply them to their own cards.

I always give the person the stamps because I know I’m not going to use them.  I’ll never collect enough in one month to make a redemption, so why not let someone else benefit from it?

I was thinking though, that normally it’s an elderly person asking for the stamps, so I always feel more inclined to hand them over with a smile.  What if it was someone my own age?  Would I be less inclined to give them the stamp?  Would it matter?