SMISKI Collectibles – Series 4 Box

There is a Kinokuniya bookstore across the river in Edgewater, NJ. We stumbled onto it while we were looking for the Trader Joe’s that’s a few minutes up the road. Kinokuniya is a Japanese bookstore. The first time I visited one was with my wife in Singapore. They have a large selection of Japanese andContinue reading “SMISKI Collectibles – Series 4 Box”

Unpacking the Loot Crate

So, like I said before, I was tipped off to a new service called “Loot Crate” by an old blogging buddy that writes I haven’t had much time to dive into my favorite hobbies recently because of school obligations. As I’m sure you’ve seen (if you’ve been suffering through the recent posts on myContinue reading “Unpacking the Loot Crate”