The PATH train to Newport / Pavonia, New Jersey, for Cheap(er) Cigarettes

Yesterday I went out to New Jersey with my mom.  She clued me in on something that I’ll have to keep in mind if I plan to keep up my bad smoking habit here in New York City.  The clue?  It’s damned expensive!  If you want to buy a carton of smokes here, you’re goingContinue reading “The PATH train to Newport / Pavonia, New Jersey, for Cheap(er) Cigarettes”

Children Selling Cigarettes in the Philippines

I was sitting on that same second floor window where I saw the girl with the bag that said “Use Me” when I saw something else interesting.  Does this count as child exploitation?  Isn’t there a law against it?  Maybe there isn’t.  It seems like labor regulation is pretty loose in the Philippines, which canContinue reading “Children Selling Cigarettes in the Philippines”

Singapore Should Endorse, Not Ban, Smokeless Nicotine Products

Singapore’s Health Minister, Khaw Boon Wan, recently made the following statement in a blog post: These are chilling words for the anti-tobacco population. Some describe the dissolvable products as nicotine candies designed to appeal to children, making them life-long addicts. Reynolds have already found these products to be more appealing to women, besides allowing smokersContinue reading “Singapore Should Endorse, Not Ban, Smokeless Nicotine Products”

Beer & Cigarettes in Singapore

Differences in prices between locations is nothing new to me, but I was shocked to see the price of alcohol and tobacco products in Singapore. I spent most of the years I lived in the US in the southern states, where prices are more reasonable, due to lower taxes. I won’t go into the “whenContinue reading “Beer & Cigarettes in Singapore”