Remembering Chow Kit, Kuala Lumpur (Pictures)

Just down the steps from the Chow Kit monorail station. The busy Chow Kit wet market. This photo was also taken in the Chow Kit wet market. The man is using a machine to shred coconut meat. A neighborhood in the Chow Kit area.  The houses seem to be arranged in such a way thatContinue reading “Remembering Chow Kit, Kuala Lumpur (Pictures)”

Kuala Lumpur Trip: Chow Kit Market

Just down the street from the guest house we’re staying in is Chow Kit Market.  We were actually under the impression that it was a huge hawker style area where we could get good local food for a good price.  Instead, it turned out to be a sprawling, mostly covered wet market.  It was definitelyContinue reading “Kuala Lumpur Trip: Chow Kit Market”

Kuala Lumpur Trip: Day 1

Going to Kuala Lumpur isn’t too big a deal when it comes to the actual travel part.  By the time the plane gets leveled off and the steward or stewardess hands out the immigration cards to fill out, you have about five minutes before the pilot will alert the cabin crew to prepare for landing.Continue reading “Kuala Lumpur Trip: Day 1”