Carabao Chicharon

Since moving overseas I’ve made it a point to try to be more adventurous in what I eat.  There are certain things that I still can’t bring myself to try, like balot, but I’ve just added something new to my list of snacked-on animals: carabao.  This is sort of cheating, because it wasn’t a carabao steak or anything like that, but it was still a carabao product.


What I had was carabao chicharon.  Chicharon is a Tagalog word, borrowed from Spanish, that is the same thing as pork rinds or pork cracklins (sp?) in the US.

It tasted great!  Better than the other kinds I’ve had before, and as far as this type of food goes, it’s supposedly more healthy.

It was served with a vinegar and minced garlic dip which really made it taste great.