The Great Cat Reunion and Christmas in Georgia

For the week of Christmas, my wife and I flew down to Georgia to visit relatives. It was the first time I’d been there in about two years. It was really nice to get out of the city, see my family and relax. Going around town, looking at the places I went to school, theContinue reading “The Great Cat Reunion and Christmas in Georgia”

Marble’s Memorial Day Adventure

Being a Singaporean cat, Marble hasn’t had the opportunity to celebrate any American holidays until she immigrated to the US this year. It was with great excitement that she oversaw the grilling operations at my mom’s place. Yup!  This is what she was waiting for!  Shrimp and chicken. =) She had her own bowl.  That’sContinue reading “Marble’s Memorial Day Adventure”

Getting an Export Permit from the Philippines BAI for Marble

Getting Marble’s export permit was a bit difficult, but not because of the process itself.  It was getting there that was annoying.  Before we headed down to the BAI, we had to stop by the vet to pick up her health certificate.  The vet didn’t have a printer in the office so we couldn’t getContinue reading “Getting an Export Permit from the Philippines BAI for Marble”

Cat Export Preparations Update #5

It’s almost time to go and rather than winding down, things are winding up, especially our stress level.  There are only a few things left to do, in regards to the cats, but it’s still troublesome. On the 28th, the carriers showed up as scheduled, which was a relief.  It’d be time consuming to tryContinue reading “Cat Export Preparations Update #5”

Cat Export Preparations Update #4

Another piece of the puzzle has fallen into place.  I was having an issue getting the export permit from Singapore because I couldn’t get the AVA’s site to work.  It was a mix of problems that started with the site being horrible in terms of navigation and ease of use.  It was harder than itContinue reading “Cat Export Preparations Update #4”