Singapore 2010 Chinese New Year: Luck, Decorations, Crowds & Surcharges

Last year my wife and I missed out on seeing Chinatown at Chinese New Year’s completely.  Somehow, I got the date mixed up and we wound up going down there the day after the celebration.  This year I made sure to mark my calendar correctly. Luck We’d originally planned on eating at Bugis Junction, at theContinue reading “Singapore 2010 Chinese New Year: Luck, Decorations, Crowds & Surcharges”

Mini Marble Is Back In Action

Mini Marble is back in her territory enjoying life.  After going jogging on Thursday night we walked by where she lives and called her name.  Right away she ran to us to say hello.  We went ahead and gave her a little something to eat, played with her a bit and then went on ourContinue reading “Mini Marble Is Back In Action”

My Cat Ripped A Lizard’s Tail Off

This is the first time I’ve ever seen this actually happen in person so it was pretty neat for me. I was sitting on my bed, playing with my cat when she leapt off and ran towards the door.  I looked to see what she was doing and she was chasing a small lizard aroundContinue reading “My Cat Ripped A Lizard’s Tail Off”