Finding things to do while stuck at home during the coronapocalypse

De Blasio was throwing around the idea that there might be a “shelter in place order”, basically restricting all movement except essential services I guess, but Cuomo said De Blasio was basically full of crap and there was no such plan. Apparently, shutting down New York City is off the table, probably more for logisticalContinue reading “Finding things to do while stuck at home during the coronapocalypse”

Book Review: Soul of the Fire, by Terry Goodkind

I enjoyed the exercise in world building that this book seems to represent. The author laid out the history of Anderith and then used that foundation to give us a story about political intrigue and domination. I also enjoyed how things played out at the end, though I’m not sure it made much sense.┬áThe commonContinue reading “Book Review: Soul of the Fire, by Terry Goodkind”

Shake Shack and Barnes & Noble on 86th Street

After putting off going to the Shake Shack for a … well, a few years, we finally made the trip. We never went before, because it just wasn’t convenient. There was never one near where we lived. I’m still surprised that they don’t have a location near Union Square. I’d always heard good things aboutContinue reading “Shake Shack and Barnes & Noble on 86th Street”

The Encyclopaedia Judaica Dustica – Physical Copy

Last week, I had to do some research in a group for the last assignment for a course I’m taking this semester called “Jesus the Jew.” We spent the semester studying Jesus in the Jewish context he was born in, including society, government, religion, and politics. We also looked at the gospel narratives and examinedContinue reading “The Encyclopaedia Judaica Dustica – Physical Copy”