Migrating From Blogger to WordPress [Under Construction / Expect Errors]

Hi.  You’re probably looking for something and found this generic web page instead.  I’m in the process of transferring my Blogger blog to a self-hosted WordPress solution with Dreamhost.  Check back in a few hours and, hopefully, I’ll have this thing up and running. The hard part is over, I think.  I had a hellContinue reading “Migrating From Blogger to WordPress [Under Construction / Expect Errors]”

The “Next Blog” Button is Worthless

This is just a short break from the series I’m writing to say that the “Next Blog” button located on the Google Blogger toolbar is worthless. When clicking this thing, you should be taken to a random blog each and every time.  There are hundreds of thousands of blogs, if not more, on the BloggerContinue reading “The “Next Blog” Button is Worthless”