Riverbank State Park at Sunset

Another spot I enjoy walking to and in is Riverbank State Park. The park is an elevated, artificial park that is built onto the side of Manhattan island. To get to it, you have to walk over one of two bridges, or by walking up a few flights of stairs from the Hudson River GreenwayContinue reading “Riverbank State Park at Sunset”

First Trip to the Bronx and Meeting Extended Family Again After 25 Years

  Yesterday I went to a part of New York City that I’ve never seen before to see family members that I’d never met before (that I remember anyway).  I imagine most people in the US are in the same situation.  They know they have relatives in another part of the city, state or country,Continue reading “First Trip to the Bronx and Meeting Extended Family Again After 25 Years”

The Truth About The McDonald’s Prosperity Burger

When we went to the airport over the weekend we left the house kinda late, but our flight was delayed so we had time to get something to eat.  There’s a McDonald’s in the Budget Terminal, so we took a look at the menu and decided to try the Prosperity Burger.  I’ve never seen itContinue reading “The Truth About The McDonald’s Prosperity Burger”

Singapore’s National Day

So, Sunday is August 9th, Singapore’s National Day. The country will be celebrating it’s 44th birthday, it’s 44th year of nationhood, supposedly. I say supposedly because I remember reading recently that the Prime Minister said that Singapore is not yet a nation. I know he was speaking figuratively, but it still can’t be a funContinue reading “Singapore’s National Day”