American Folk Art Museum

Some photos I took at the American Folk Art Museum by Lincoln Center last weekend. It’s a small place. It takes about 30 minutes to look at everything inside, but admission is free so it’s still worth the trip. There are donation boxes located near the entrance so we gave 5 bucks. I think the best items in the museum are the quilts. I was surprised. It wasn’t what I expected to be the most impressed by. The drawings of anime-style kids threw me off a bit too, since the large mural-style drawing was created between 1950-1970.

Kenmare Street Graffiti

Kenmare Street
Kenmare Street

We were walking across Kenmare Street yesterday to get to the 4/5/6 train and we saw quite a bit of graffiti. I took pictures of the two that really stood out to me. I really miss the warm weather, when it’s possible to just walk around New York taking photos. Of course, I miss having the time to just walk around and take in the scenery too. It seems like I’m counting minutes these days. Hopefully this summer I can take a break by getting a part time job and just worrying about bills and having fun for a bit, instead of constant deadlines and research. Two more semesters after this, or maybe two and a summer class, and then I’ll be done with my BA and MA. College is fun, but every now and then I need a break from fun.

Anyway, the featured image above is by a guy that has a pretty simple landing page at which redirects to an Instagram account. Check it out. He’s got some other cool stuff on there.


We also walked past this collection of graffiti. I think I like the lizard hand and the “You go girl” message better than the bottom graffiti, because it has more attitude.