History in the “Confessions” of St. Augustine

Saint Augustine’s Confessions is a book about the early life and conversion to Christianity of Augustine of Hippo, one of the most famous Christian scholars of antiquity. The book starts off with a description of childhood, then moves on to describe Augustine’s quest for knowledge both among the Manichees and through study of the traditionalContinue reading “History in the “Confessions” of St. Augustine”

God and Isaiah 2: Historical Analysis

The following is a paper written for an undergraduate Jewish studies course titled, “The History of God,” which was intended to present God in a historical manner, using the Bible as the main source document and the Documentary Hypothesis as the main tool for interpreting its contents.  The paper addresses Isaiah 2:2-5 to 6:22. TheContinue reading “God and Isaiah 2: Historical Analysis”

Analysis of the The Tower of Babel – Historical Perspective

The following is a paper I wrote for a Jewish Studies class I’m taking called “History of God.”  The point of the paper was to examine a set of verses from the Old Testament from a historical perspective, discussing what the verses reveal about the people it describes, or that wrote it.  This paper reliesContinue reading “Analysis of the The Tower of Babel – Historical Perspective”

Colbert’s 1664 Memorandum on Trade: Analysis

In 1664, Jean-Baptiste Colbert sent a letter to the King of France, Louis XIV, to appeal for economic reforms that would bring greater prosperity to the French people. This letter, now known as “Memorandum on Trade, 1664,” reveals the depths of the problems France faced, and Colbert’s desperation to find solutions. While writing his letter,Continue reading “Colbert’s 1664 Memorandum on Trade: Analysis”

Analysis: “The Discovery of Brazil,” by Pero Vas de Caminha

The following is an analysis of a letter written to the king of Portugal by Pero Vas de Caminha, relating the ‘discovery’ of Brazil.  The majority of the full text of the letter this is based on can be found here, though the book isn’t in the public domain, so two pages of it areContinue reading “Analysis: “The Discovery of Brazil,” by Pero Vas de Caminha”