‘Shutting Down’ An Annoying Salesman

Last night we were wandering around Liang Court Mall in Clarke Quay and I happened to see the sign for Audio House on the side of one of the escalators.  I’m a sucker for ogling new electronics so I convinced my wife we should go up there.  I was particularly interested in looking at laptops.Continue reading “‘Shutting Down’ An Annoying Salesman”

Bicyclists Vs Pedestrians, Battle For The Pavement

Practise Zero Impact pavement riding, meaning you ride with minimal disruption to the pedestrians walking there. By the way, pavement riding is illegal in Singapore, but it is not enforced strictly. On the Tampines Pavement Riding Scheme, an experiment where cyclists are allowed to ride on widened paths together with pedestrians, they have started toContinue reading “Bicyclists Vs Pedestrians, Battle For The Pavement”

Aggressive Salespeople Are Ineffective

Sometimes employees in Asia can be a little too helpful for comfort. There’s a stereotype that in the Southern US, people are more friendly.  In most cases that’s true.  It’s not unusual to have a conversation with a stranger.  It’s acceptable to ask a stranger for directions.  It’s not uncommon to have a conversation withContinue reading “Aggressive Salespeople Are Ineffective”