Birthday Fun and Vintage 1981 Advertisements

So, today is my 30th birthday.  I guess that means I’m old now.  It’s one thing to be in your twenties, but when you’re in your thirties, well, I remember thinking that was really, really old when I was a teenager.  Somehow it doesn’t feel old now though, now that I’m the one pushing pastContinue reading “Birthday Fun and Vintage 1981 Advertisements”

Voting Day in the Philippines for 2010 Elections

Today was voting day for the 2010 elections.  We got here just in time to witness the madness.  In the US, campaigning can get pretty wild and out of hand, especially when the target audience is a bunch of radicals or ultra-rightwing conservatives, but in the Philippines they step it up a notch. First off,Continue reading “Voting Day in the Philippines for 2010 Elections”

Giant Billboards

One of the first things you’ll notice as you leave NAIA (Ninoy Aquino International Airport), besides the hellish traffic, are the gigantic billboards.  Ya, giant really isn’t even enough to describe these things. Billboards aren’t anything new to me.  They’re all over the place in the US, especially along highways, but Manila takes it toContinue reading “Giant Billboards”