This photo was taken at the Parkway Parade Mall’s pet store in Singapore.

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It's nice to play with them for awhile, but they donch sit-n-fetch still. Oh well, they are cute and fuzzy little pooby chummy cutie pie! I have a dog. Very naugthy one. It's a chore to look after it but I grew to love it. Sigh.., love is love.Well, at least this one sit-n-fetch. I'm sure you will have the opportunity to get a dog sooner than you think! Have fun 🙂

Brad Farless

So true. There's a stall here in Patong, in Thailand, where there's a girl selling something. I don't remember what, because all I notice is the poodle on the counter. It's there every time we've walked by so we always stop to play with it for a while. It's so nice! I kinda miss dogs. Maybe in a few years I'll have the opportunity to get another one.


Donch find them cute anyway. They don't listen to commands of Sit-n-Fetch. It's a waste of money to keep them.:)