Singapore McDonald’s Seaweed Shaker Fries

From what I’ve seen, the McDonald’s menu is tailored to the country it’s in, to appeal more to the locals.  In the Philippines there is a longganisa (Filipino sausage) and rice meal, for example.  Up until today I hadn’t noticed anything too different about the meals in Singapore, except for the choice of drinks.  There are different teas offered here, rather than the sweet iced tea you might be accustomed to in the US.

Today though, I saw something that was a big deviation from the norm.  Seaweed shaker fries.  They give you the large fries and a packet with some sort of seaweed flakes / flavoring in it.  They also give you a small paper bag.  You dump the fries and the seaweed flakes / flavoring into the bag and shake it up.  Then you enjoy your ‘seaweed shaker’ fries.  Sounded kinda gross to me, so I passed.  I don’t do the whole ‘up-sizing’ thing anyway.  The regular sized meal is full of enough calories, fat and grease as it is.

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Brad Farless

@MKL: I like seaweed when it's with sushi but it just didn't look that appealing on fries.


I like sea weed 🙂 Yum yum in my tumm'!

Brad Farless

@Rowena: No kidding. Every time I hear that word I think of that movie “Supersize Me” and I immediately decline. I don't want to be the stereotypical fat American.

Anything funny on the menu over your way?


Just the use of the word upsize makes it sound so funny.

Oh, and I'd like that upsized, please!