Singapore’s French Toast is Not French Toast

Singapore is often hailed as a ‘food heaven’, and in some cases that’s true, especially if you have the money to afford the ‘authentic dining’.  More often than not, it’s impractical to constantly go to high end restaurants, so I get excited when I see cuisine from ‘home’ that’s listed at an affordable price.

It was with great excitement that I saw French Toast on the menu at a beverage stall in the Tampines 1 food court on the upper level.  I could, of course, just make French Toast at home if I wanted to, but when I saw it on the menu and realized how long it’d been since I had it, it seemed the perfect dish to go along with the iced kopi I had ordered.

What I was given was nothing short of the murder of a dish I grew up loving.  I was a bit thrown off when the auntie behind the counter asked me if I’d like some kaya to go with my French Toast.  I couldn’t figure out how that would go well with a sweet dish that is supposed to be coated in sugar, cinnamon, and syrup.

Well, the answer was simple.  This stall’s idea of French Toast was a piece of bread with scrambled egg and butter fried to the sides.  There was no sugar, cinnamon, or syrup, which are what make French Toast … French Toast.


While it tasted well enough on its own, this isn’t what I thought I was going to get when I ordered it, and I couldn’t help but be disappointed.  The sign shouldn’t list this as French Toast, because it’s definitely not.

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Brad F.

Ya. This is definitely not what 'mama' used to make back home. If you
Google French Toast you'll see what you've been missing. It's not too
hard to make either! It's one of the few dishes from home that I would
have no problem finding the ingredients for here, and at good prices.


Its wrong?! When my dad made french toast for me for breakfast in the past, it was this same version. I didn't know its wrong! hahaha =)

Maybe like how there's a difference between singaporean and penang laksa…maybe this is the singaporean french toast? =X If you go look at Ya Kun (popular old breakfast style chain) they offer it like that too..

I agree I would definitely want to try the actual french french toast =D