Say Cheeze, Tampines 1

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My wife and I finally got around to trying this place out.  I’d actually decided not to eat there because the decor is hideous.  I mean, I want to be nice, but there’s really no excuse for how horribly ugly the place was decorated.  So, I’d written it off.  It didn’t look that appealing.  I know someone is thinking something ‘cheezy’ about books and covers, but when it comes to food, appearance is important.

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So, I never really paid attention to the place until about a week ago when someone I know told me the food there is good.  A few days later we happened to be in Tampines 1 and realized it was time for dinner, so we started thinking about where we wanted to eat.  Then I remembered what the guy had said about Say Cheeze and we decided to give it a shot.

When we first glanced over the menu we weren’t that impressed but we couldn’t think of anywhere else to eat so we sat down and ordered.  We were very surprised.  I wish I’d brought my regular camera.  These are just from my iPhone.

The dishes we ordered had an upgrade ‘combo’ deal.  For 5.90 SGD (4.90 on weekdays) we got a drink and a choice of soup.  The add-on price seemed kind of high until we saw the soups.

My wife’s minestrone soup was very, very good.  She let me try it.  Seems like I forgot to take a picture of it, but it was really thick and had pieces of pasta and vegetable in it.

Mob Photo 30-Dec-2009 PM 11 30 56

I asked for the cream of mushroom soup.  It wasn’t watered down at all.  It was also very thick and could’ve been a light lunch by itself if it came with a piece of bread.

The soups were a real treat.  They reminded me of the soups we used to get at OrganiCafExperience in Century Square’s basement level, before it closed.

The main dishes:

My wife's mushroom stuffed ravioli.
My wife’s mushroom stuffed ravioli.
My baked beef lasagna.
My baked beef lasagna.

The sauces were delicious and the servings were just the right size.  I can’t believe how good the food is there, considering the way the place looks and the relatively low cost of the meals.  We’ll definitely be going back!

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