Review: Clash of the Titans (2010)

Clash of the Titans is an exciting movie that delivered exactly what I expected: an action packed, special effects extravaganza that kept me entertained from start to finish.  If you haven’t seen the movie yet, it would be a mistake going into it thinking you’re going to walk away with any deep revelations about the mysteries of life, or leave with some profound new sense of well being.  That’s not what Clash of the Titans is about.  This really isn’t as serious a movie as I thought it would be.  It felt more like Scorpion King, where you’re meant to focus on the fun and action, rather than the storyline.

I really enjoyed that the movie didn’t try to be something it wasn’t.  The movie was all about action, and they kept the dialogue light, with lots of wit and humor thrown in to keep the audience engaged.  The only time the story veered from that style was at the end, when Perseus had to deal with the main antagonist, which is fitting.  It can’t all be fun and games.

I’ve always been a sword & sorcery fan and enjoyed reading about Greek mythology as a kid, so it was very cool to see the mythological characters and stories I’d read about come alive on the big screen.  I’ll definitely be adding this movie to my collection, to be re-watched when I want to see fast paced action and get a thrill.

It also didn’t hurt that the main female characters were all pretty hot:

Princess Andromeda

Io, cursed with agelessness for refusing the advances of a god.

Also, the boatman who ferries souls across the River Styx was pretty cool too.  Looking at this guy, and his boat, really makes you feel like you’re on your way to hell.

Update: We watched the 2D version, because the 3D effects reportedly suck pretty hard. The movie wasn’t filmed in 3D like Avatar was. It was done through rushed post-processing to try to capitalize on people’s excitement over 3D.

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Brad F.

Nothing like leaning back and just being entertained!

Squire Starsquid

Havent seen it yeeeeeet, probably this week…! It looks sweet! I love those good ol blockbusters!

Brad F.

Nah man. It wasn't bad at all. I had a great time watching it. I think people are saying it sucked because they went into it with their expectations too high, especially the cult fan following of the original 1981 movie. If you just take it at face value, it's well worth seeing it on the big screen for the special effects. I just wish I'd seen it in a THX certified theater. This whole country only has one and it's downtown and packed out all the time.


doubt I'll be seeing this just for the hot female lead… heard it royally sucked but the trailer was cool ^^

Brad F.

Thanks. I found it a lot easier to maintain focus that way. I like for things to be orderly and my blog was turning into a mess. Unfortunately, gutting my blog like that and reposting the content elsewhere lost me a lot of visits and lost my posts their places in search results. I had a few posts that were on the first page of Google's results. But… in the long run this is better. I blog about far too many topics for it to be easily accessible to readers all in one spot. I have to work within the… Read more »


Hi again.I like what you're doing with your blog content with the split between the Singapore and the personal.I'm having similar issues over on mine but trying a way to figure out how best to approach the situation. Anyway, thanks for the review and I have to say, that Ferryman is quite the cool looking thing. However, I have no desire to see this movie…well, maybe on TV when it eventually makes its way there. My childhood memories of the original Clash of the Titans kinda makes me cringe that there's an 'updated' version. I like my Cyclops as a… Read more »

Brad F.

He does seem to be pulling some good roles lately. He's cementing his career as an actor.


and of course i went to see this because of the terminator guy (sam worthington hehe)