Remembering Chow Kit, Kuala Lumpur (Pictures)

Just down the steps from the Chow Kit monorail station.

The busy Chow Kit wet market.

This photo was also taken in the Chow Kit wet market. The man is using a machine to shred coconut meat.

A neighborhood in the Chow Kit area.  The houses seem to be arranged in such a way that some don’t front the street at all.  You can see the blue house in the background which only has access to the road using a driveway.

Chow Kit street cats.

I took this photo from a bus when we were on our way back from the Batu Caves.  Mangay’s.  I just thought it was an interesting sign.  We saw a McCurry and a McBath along the same road.
I’m still very much looking forward to the next time we’ll get to visit Kuala Lumpur.  I miss the food and the excitement there.


  1. xiombix · January 17, 2010

    thank for the invite. 🙂

    on our way to check out the pix now.



  2. U R WHAT U READ! · January 16, 2010

    yeah i miss KL too! I miss the food and also the nice accommodation=)

  3. Brad F. · January 16, 2010

    You're welcome. If you want to see more photos of KL click the link in my sidebar under Categories. We've been there twice. The second time was a lot more fun since we were more comfortable with the city.

  4. xiombix · January 16, 2010

    enjoyable tour, brad,
    thank you for sharing it.

    and, yes, the sign was weird. 🙂



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