Photos From The Kitchen

It’s amazing what you can manage with a simple, handheld camera sometimes.  My wife was in the kitchen preparing a Filipino dish called sinigang and I happened to have my camera out, taking photos of the Chinese New Year decorations around the house, so I snapped some photos of some of the ingredients:

A leafy green.  I’m not sure what it’s called, but it’s not bad tasting.  It seems like there are a lot of leafy green vegetables in the supermarkets here with a lot of different names that all taste more or less the same.  I like them, so my wife usually adds plenty.

This is radish.  In the US I always associated the word radish with the small veggie that has a red tinted skin and a powerful bite, that go on salad.  Here, radishes also come in large, root looking form and have a blander taste.  I love it when it’s cooked in sinigang so my wife adds extra.

An onion.  I’m not sure where the blue tint on the wood came from, but it looks nice right?

The same onion along with fresh garlic.

After taking those photos I filled a cup with ice.  We’ve had an ice tray that we bought at Ikea for about two years.  It makes ice in the shape of hearts.  I realized I’d never taken a photo of it, so here’s an icy heart:

And here’s an icy heart melting in Grass Power, a local wheat grass drink:

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