I have a Master’s degree in History from the City College of New York – CUNY. I’m a US Army Veteran, a husband, and a cat herder (we have 6!).

I’ve lived across the US, in Europe, the Middle East, and in Asia. My wife and I currently reside in New York City.

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I enjoy reading quite a bit. I’ve turned to books for comfort, inspiration, and entertainment since I was a teenager. My read count is over 1000 now, but that’s also counting some comic books and manga volumes. My taste leans toward Sci-Fi, fantasy, and horror. I also have an interest in studying religions and mythology. I’d like to learn more about the similarities between different religious traditions.

I’m also trying to learn Spanish and Japanese and at some point I should finish learning Hebrew and maybe Arabic. I studied Hebrew and Arabic in college because I thought they would be useful. I’m studying Spanish on my own because it seems like a necessity and Japanese for pleasure.

My other interests are anime/manga, video games, and cycling. I believe that passing an afternoon in an art museum is time well spent. So is half an hour laying on a bed petting a cat and reflecting on the day.

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