The October “Zombie Apocalypse” Loot Crate

October 2013 Loot Crate Contents
October 2013 Loot Crate Contents

Getting a monthly box of surprise goodies every month is always a lot of fun. Sometimes, the anticipation is better than what actually comes out of the box, but this month the guys at Loot Crate really outdid themselves. I really love zombie movies and zombie shows, so the theme of this month’s box (“Survive”) was great to start with, but they really picked a great set of items to include. I was really surprised to see a book in the box, but it fits the theme perfectly.

"I Love Your Guts" greeting card.
“I Love Your Guts” greeting card.
"I Love Your Guts" greeting card inside page.
“I Love Your Guts” greeting card inside page.

The shirt is awesome. I’ll be wearing that tomorrow. I filled out the card and gave it to my wife. She thought it was really awesome and stuck it on the fridge.

The Zombie Survival Guide and fake tattoos.
The Zombie Survival Guide and fake tattoos.

I’m not sure when I’ll have a chance to read The Zombie Survival Guide. It’s been on my reading list for a long time already, but I’m always bogged down with reading for classes. Maybe this winter. Maybe.

8-bit zombie survival game icon pins
8-bit zombie survival game icon pins
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