No Time For Cooking

We’ve both been busy and we seem to not have time to cook like we used to so here I am, waiting on dinner at this Chinese place at 10:35 at night. I’m not complaining. The food here is good and they have a lot of vegetarian options. They give out hot tea while you wait for your order as well.


Name of the place is Empire Noodle. Also, this is a test of the new Pressgram.

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  1. PaulCCNY · March 21, 2014

    Try their sansui shrimp dish: carrots, pork, breaded shrimp, spicy…its incredible!

    • Brad F. · March 21, 2014

      We started a vegetarian diet a few weeks ago. We eat fish, but that’s it, other than grains, legumes, veggies, beans, etc.

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