Mini Marble Is Getting Spayed

This is a much later image of (not so) Mini Marble, from March 2012. The original file was lost when Posterous shut down its service.
This is a much later image of (not so) Mini Marble, from March 2012. The original file was lost when Posterous shut down its service.

I’m not sure if I’ve ever posted photos of Mini Marble here but she was picked up tonight to be taken for spaying.

You see, Mini Marble is a stray cat, a community cat, here in Pasir Ris. She’s a small kitten of about 7 months and we see her every day as we walk from the MRT station back to our place.

We first noticed her a few weeks ago and she won us over with her playful attitude. She also helped us to make some new friends. So, we carry a small amount of kibble with us to give to her to make sure she stays fed.

Mini Marble’s sterilization will be paid for through donations. It’s dangerous for unsterilized cats to wander around housing estates in Singapore. When they go into heat they may become noisy which often provoked uncompassionate residents into filing complaints. I say uncompassionate because the resulting ‘solution’ is that the cat or cats are often rounded up and sent of to be killed.

So, this is a good thig for her. It’ll help keep her out of the crosshairs of idiots and overzealous estate managers.

She’ll be laid up at the vet for a week and she’ll then be taken back to her usual territory. Hopefully everything goes well for her.

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Brad F.

That's really disappointing to hear. I goes to show that the average person needs to be educated better in regards to cats. In fact, this is something they should have learned in school. Cats are the natural predator of rats. They help keep the rat problem down. One of the things I like most about Singapore is the population of community cats. They really add character to the country. I look forward to seeing them as I walk through the HDB estates. Without them the areas look far too sterile. Instead of trying to get rid of them maybe they… Read more »


I agree with you about the benefits of spaying to prevent un-compassionate residents from complaining. However, spaying does not necessarily mean being safe from culling. Let me share with you this bit of scary info in my HDB estate. We have a very active spaying contingent done by tireless and dedicated cat-lovers/feeders. Lately there was a spate of our regular spayed cats 'disappearing'. It seems the AVA/MOE (some govt authority) still carries out culling among tipped-earred cats (which have obviously been spayed) due to residents complaining that there are too many congregated in the void deck, and they make a… Read more »

Brad F.

Thanks Rowena! She's a great cat. She sort of belongs to a girl that lives at the housing estate the cat lives under, but we all take care of her.

I remember when Dapper got spayed she was pretty doped up and weird for about two weeks. Hopefully Mini Marble gets back on her feet after her 1 week stay at the vet.


Mini Marble is lucky to have met you two. Hope it all works out!

Brad F.

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