Kopi Alley (at Downtown East)

One of the best things about Singapore, to me anyway, has been the food.  Also, as a coffee lover, it didn’t take me long to try the Kopi that you can find at most every hawker center in Singapore.  There are people that hate it, but somehow I got addicted to the stuff and love to have it after dinner whenever possible.  I won’t go into the details of how it’s prepared, because I honestly don’t know them, but it’s well worth trying if you ever get the chance.

There are plenty of places you can go to get Kopi.  Like I said, you can get it from hawker centers, but there are also fancier looking restaurants set up in malls that sell Kopi.  Some of them call it coffee, like the place on the bottom level of White Sands in Pasir Ris (Kayakun Toast I think?), but it’s still the same, and it’s still good.

Here are some photos of Kopi Alley at Downtown East:

I really like the design theme they went with for Kopi Alley, and I was a bit surprised, considering what they sell.  It looks nicer than a lot of so-called fine dining restaurants I’ve been in.  By the way, the total cost for the items in the last 3 photos was only 5.30 SGD.  That’s not too bad at all, and it was overkill.  We went there after dinner and we wound up not finishing that chocolate spread toast, so we could’ve done without it.  It was a bit too sweet too, but… what did I expect, ordering chocolate spread toast?

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Brad Farless

@rinaz: You know, I didn't even consider that, but it's nice. The talesoverkopi thing I mean. Still, if we left Singapore and moved to the Philippines for a while, before heading to the US, people would stop 'getting' the title. I just realized I've never seen kopi in the Philippines. I wonder if they have any in Thailand? @Rowena: I love espresso too! That's typically what I drink in my mom's house after dinner, but here it's different. I typically have the kopi after dinner, or 3 in 1 instant during the day. Ya, I know. It's a crime to… Read more »


Wow, coffee after dinner??? It's the same for us here except it's espresso in a little cup. I know that I drink way too much of the stuff..


Oh, just reminds me of something – will you eventually consider renaming your blog as talesoverkopi? Hehehe


That makes me miss having a cup of kopi (with condensed milk) and a plate of roti kaya 🙂