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I Wonder if Chee is Good?

Cheeburger? Β Wonder how that tastes?
(Picture taken in Kuwait City)

By Bradley

Hi! I have a Master's in History (2019) from City College of New York - CUNY and I'm an Army combat veteran. I currently have 3 cats and live in New York City. The best part of living here are the museums and the food!

I love manga, anime, history, sci-fi, video games, and technology. I'm an avid reader! I'm currently learning Japanese and reading up on Buddhism and Minimalism. I also have an interest in religions and mythology in general.

7 replies on “I Wonder if Chee is Good?”

This one gave us all a laugh. I was in Kuwait on a deployment at the time, and a group of us had gotten a pass to go visit the mall.

After we laughed, though, we were sad that it wasn't open yet and we couldn't have any cheeburgers.

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