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Honey Did What?

If honey shat cookies, I wonder what she’s been eating?

(Picture taken in Singapore)

By Bradley

Hi! I have a Master's in History (2019) from City College of New York - CUNY and I'm an Army combat veteran. I currently have 3 cats and live in New York City. The best part of living here are the museums and the food!

I love manga, anime, history, sci-fi, video games, and technology. I'm an avid reader! I'm currently learning Japanese and reading up on Buddhism and Minimalism. I also have an interest in religions and mythology in general.

5 replies on “Honey Did What?”

Oh what a simple world you must live in. “If you don't like it, leave” like it's a simple matter of turning off the light and closing the door behind me?

Second of all, you need to lighten up. Just because it's funny when read by an English speaker doesn't mean it's an insult to you, to Singapore, or to Chinese people. It just means it's funny, and if you can't take a joke as simple as this, then you might want to go on a long vacation.

Or in other words, if you don't like what's on my blog, “you don't complain, you leave.”

From my perspective, this is really funny, since “honey” is slang for what you might call your woman, and “shat” is the past tense of “shit”. Regardless of how it's pronounced, the way it's written is definitely Engrish.

one thing i noticed is that if someone makes a snide comment, you people go ask people to leave.
but when singaporeans insult their own or foreigners, the insulted party just have to take it. you asking people to leave? why you own singapore? the last time i checked it was open to foreigners especially those working and paying taxes here. you cant be a sport. but you make fun of foreigners too. what the hell, get a life bastards. over a bag of biscuits you go crazy.
i am a foreigner living in singapore and i love it here and if you dont like it, tell me,what can you do about it? nye nye nye shat da pack up lah!

no, it's naming a product the cultural way. you don't like how we call our stuff in singapore, you don't complain, you leave.

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