Goldilocks Treats

Goldilocks is a pretty well known bakery in the Philippines.  You can find outlets all over the place there and the things they sell are really tasty.  The first time I was in the Philippines over a year ago I noticed the place and we wound up buying some cakes to try them out.  Well, my wife already knew they were good.  She just wanted to share the joy I guess.

The cakes were very good, and I’m looking forward to the next time I’ll be able to get something from them.  There are bakeries all over Singapore but the things that are produced here aren’t quite as “Westernized” as what I’d like.  Generally they’re more bland and it’s nearly impossible to find fruit filled pastries.

The snack pictured at left is called ‘polvoron’.  I’d never heard of it before, and found the following information about it when I looked it up (source):

Polvoron is powdered milk candy, made of flour, sugar butter and powdered milk. The flour is toasted, all the ingredients are mixed and shaped into round or oval-shaped molds. It is believe that making polvoron started during the American occupation to use up the huge amount of powdered milk brought in by the Americans. Polvoron over the years has become one of the most loved sweet Filipino delicacy.

It has a sweet taste to it, but it’s mild.  It’s not something that will make your teeth feel like they’re rotting out of your head with every bite.  Also, it’s dry and has a tendency to stick to the teeth and gums, so it’s best to have a drink handy while eating this.

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@Jerine: Well, if I were going to go that route, I'd probably just go monkey style and fling poo.


Oh too bad… If it's hard you could just throw it at XX. She'll probably get concussion


True. I think the stuff is mostly made on location. Not sure about the polvoron specifically though.

Funny story about cock fighting…

The guy that lives next door to my in-laws does it and has roosters living in his yard. They live on the other side of a 4.5 ft wall from the window to the bedroom we occupy when visiting and they're only about five feet away. These little bastards made sure I knew when the sun was coming up each day.


Hey that would make sense, but like you had noted to Jerine, it's instability probably wouldn't make it a good item on a trip overseas. The only thing filipinos brought to Hawaii other than their cuisine is their love for rooster fights! Illegal of course, but that doesn't stop them from staging private events.


@Rowena: I imagine it has something to do with the story. Goldilocks is a little girl that loves treats, to the point that she broke into a house to get some. So, maybe that was the idea behind the name. Great treats that you just have to have.

I'm surprised you've never heard of polvoron. I thought it would be something Filipinos would have brought with them to Hawaii.


Never heard of this (the bakery or candy). I wonder how they came up with the name Goldilocks??


It's soft and breaks apart as you eat it. It's kinda weird how they manage to make it to your house still in the right shape.


is it hard or soft?