Getting an Export Permit from the Philippines BAI for Marble

Getting Marble’s export permit was a bit difficult, but not because of the process itself.  It was getting there that was annoying.  Before we headed down to the BAI, we had to stop by the vet to pick up her health certificate.  The vet didn’t have a printer in the office so we couldn’t get it on the spot.  The problem with that is that the vet is sort of out of the way when it comes to getting transportation to Manila from Antipolo.  It is on the road that leads out of town though, so instead of backtracking to the center of town to get an air conditioned FX (a passenger SUV that’s been converted for public transportation) we walked out to the curb and flagged down a Jeepney instead.  Thankfully, it was overcast and kinda cool with the breeze since the windows stay open in the passenger area except when it’s raining.  Unfortunately, that also meant we got dusty and had black boogers later.

After a tricycle to the vet, a jeepney to Manila, the train to Quezon Ave and then 2 more Jeepney’s to Visaya Avenue by the Quezon Memorial, we finally arrived at our destination.

The Bureau of Animal Industry, National Veterinary Quarantine Services building.
The Bureau of Animal Industry, National Veterinary Quarantine Services building.

After seeing the AVA’s offices in the Ministry of National Development building in Singapore, I was a bit underwhelmed by the appearance of the building, but I suppose it’s no worse than some of the building’s I’ve seen used as government offices in the US.

Despite the appearance of this place, the people inside were very efficient and very friendly.  The e-mail I’d received from one of the people that works there said the wait time for the export permit was about an hour, but I had everything I needed and was out the door in about 20 minutes.  I did have to go around the back of the building to get a dry notary seal stamped into the form, but that only added another 10 minutes, most of which was walking.

Vet health certificate, BAI health certificate and export permit, plus shot records.
Vet health certificate, BAI health certificate and export permit, plus shot records.

The best part of it was that I got the export permit and they converted the veterinary health certificate to a government health certificate (which I didn’t expect), all for the low, low price of free.  That’s surprising.  The import permit was 650 PHP (about 15 USD).  The export permit fee and the fee for the government health certificate in Singapore were 50 SGD (about 38 USD) apiece.  I guess that’s how they paid for that big fancy building.

With this out of the way, the only thing left to do with Marble is to stick her in a carrier and show up at the airport with her.  I do have to find a hotel that will let me stay there with her in Manila for the night before the flight though.  It’s at 7:30 in the morning and it’s impossible to make the commute to Manila at 3:30 AM (it’s 2 hours one way, roughly).

UPDATE (2016): BAI Philippines has a Facebook page with updated contact information available. Click here.

Update (2017): This is a Flickr slideshow of pictures of the cat carrier my wife used in 2011 to bring two cats from the Philippines to New York City. Please note the bolts that were added to the carrier after-market. Make sure you do that. Also, zip-ties were added at the built-in latch points to further secure the carrier. I would bring zip-ties to the airport so that you can secure the door after the airport personnel are satisfied that they don’t have to open the door. Include a bowl for water and food. Ask that your pet be provided with water. Put blankets in the carrier so your pet(s) can stay warm.

Most importantly, keep this as your second or last option. Check with your airline to see if you can bring your pet in the cabin with you in a smaller pet carrier. Check with your airline for permission and/or requirements and fees.

Pet Taxi Cat Carrier for an International Flight

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Saumya Khattri

Hi Bradley. This is one of the most thorough things that I have found online. It was a huge help. Thanks a lot!

Lou Cep

Again, thanks a lot for your reply. we will be leaving soon. And still looking for the best carrier that will fit the standards of most airline. 🙂

Lou Cep

Hi Brad, do I need to bring my Cat when I go to BAI? Also, what type of Carrier can you recommend? We currently have one, but not sure if it will pass the Airport standards. Thank you

Brad F.

Hiya. Sorry for the late reply. We did not take our cat the BAI. The health certificate from the local vet was in lieu of taking the cat to the BAI. As for carriers, I’ll take some pictures of the one my wife most recently used when she brought two cats over from the Philippines to New York in 2011 and then put them here as replies.

Brad F.

I decided to add a Flickr photo gallery of the pictures to the bottom of the post along with some additional information. Please check back to see them. =) Best of luck to you and your pet in your upcoming journey.

Maria Torres

Hi! This was really helpful! Anyways, I have a flight from manila to Los Angeles in September 5 and one of the requirements is a screwworm test within 5 days of the flight. Did you have to do that? And how much did you pay for? What about an anti rabies certificate? How much was your health certificate? Thanks in advance!

Brad F.

Hi! I’m sorry for the late reply. We didn’t have to do a screw worm test. I think that might be dependent on the state you fly in to. We also didn’t get an anti-rabies certificate. Our cats just had to have a rabies shot within I think it was a month of the flight. That was a prerequisite to getting the health certificate, which I took to the BAI to get converted into a government health certificate.


Hi Brad! For the rabies shot, is the rabies shot suppose to be given at least 30 days before the flight or within 30 days before? My Chihuahua had his last rabies shot February 4, 2017, which is active until February 4, 2018. Does he need another shot before we travel? Thank you!


I’ve scoured the internet for any and all info and you’ve helped me the most, thank you. I was just wondering if you could walk me through the vet certificate? Did your vet do it all themselves? What info exactly did you have on it? Could any old vet just type it up or is it a particular vet that has to make it? Will they convert it into a gov’t health cert for anyone? Thank you!

Brad F.

Hi. Sorry for the delayed reply. It’s been quite a while so on the one hand I’m glad this post is still useful to people, but on the other, I don’t recall the process too well. I would say just check with the vet you go to. They should be able to tell you (without lying about it to make a buck one would hope) whether or not they can provide a veterinary certificate for exporting a pet. Your pet will have to be up to date on shots and will need to have a rabies vaccination at least, I… Read more »

Kaye Lagmay

When you applied for your pet import certificate to bring your pet into the Philippines, did you do it online before coming into the country?

Carah Villacampa

I know that this post is late but do you guys have any idea where to get a BAI PERMIT in Cebu? and did you need to have a screwworm certificate?

Brad F.

Hi. I’m sorry I missed your comment. I know this is probably too late to address your question, but we never went to Cebu so I wouldn’t have been able to provide that information. I hope you were able to find the BAI permit there. The only certification I remember needing was proof of a rabies vaccine that was administered 30 days prior to the trip.


In Cebu City there is a BAI office between Piers 1 & 2 (032 511 0032). We called them a few days ago and they said they could issue the required docs if we bring the vet docs. No need to bring animal. I understand there is also one at Mactan Airport I’m trying to find out info on that, will update.

[…] certificate and to get her out of the country we had to get an export permit.  In the Philippines, you’ll get your export permit and government health certificate at the same time.  They’re the same form in […]


Thanks for the post. Gave us some idea on how the process is.

Brad F.

You’re welcome. I’m glad you found it helpful.


Hi Bradley. Thanks for this. I just brought my cats to Manila from Guam last June and I had a hellish time at Customs. It was a nightmare and swore not to go through it again. Now that it is time to take them away again. (This time, they are coming to Jordan with me), I have this fear that I will go through the same ordeal again. Reading your experience is very encouraging. One question though, did you have to deal with the guys at Customs before you departed with Marble? Any input is very much appreciated. Kind regards,… Read more »

Brad F.

Hi Irish. You might find this follow-up post helpful:

As best as I can remember, though, the only time I dealt with anyone related to the government or something like customs was when I got the health certificate from the BAI. When I got to the airport, Marble was taken from me at the ticket counter and I didn’t see her again until I landed in New York City. So, I cleared customs without her being with me.

I hope that helps you out a bit, and have fun in Jordan!


Thanks Brad!!


Just an update: As it turns out, I did not have to bring my dog to the Davao Airport Quarantine. I had to go to the vet to get his Health Certificate (Php. 450.00) and all they needed was to see that and they gave me my BAI permit. Very easy. Our flight is on Saturday so hopefully things go smoothly from here…


Most clear, I gonna go to find out, just to make sure!!! I let you know later. Thank you very much


Thank you, Bradley! I’ll keep posted on our progress (Davao doesn’t have a BAI so the Manila office referred me to our airport’s quarantine to get the requirement) just in case any readers have the same situation. When I lived in Manila and had to bring my dog to Davao, I had to go through the hassle of finding the BAI office which was definitely the trickiest part. Once there it was very quick and easy. I later found out that our airline, Cebu Pacific, has their own veterinarian ready to hand out the shipping papers, so I really didn’t… Read more »


Hello, all this information really help me, so I CAN DO IT IN DAVAO, because I live in Davao and want to avoid going to Manila!!!!


Hey Bradley, your blog has been very helpful to me. Probably the most helpful resource I’ve found online! My question is, do you think it is necessary for me to go to my vet to get my dog’s health certificate before the BAI, or is it okay to skip that part? Since the BAI gives you a health certificate anyway along with the export permit (I live in Davao and I would have to go to our airport’s quarantine to get our certificates and I was asked to bring my dog for his checkup) so I don’t have to do… Read more »


all info it’s been so helpful, Can you tell me if I have to pay airline fee here and again in Manila, or I pay all together in Davao, by the way, I after checking my pets will I see them again in USA? Thanks


Thank you very much, by experience I know I just have to pay before departing, but you Know we are in Philippines anything can happens, jeje!! Again thank you very much


thanks for this! really helpful!!!