Four Packages of Free Archway Cookies

I’m one of those people that’s terribly unlucky when it comes to games of chance like the lotto or drawings for giveaways.  So, I was really skeptical, but hopeful, when an Archway rep responded to my earlier post about Archway cookies.  I mean, you never know who you’re talking to on the Internet right?  I was sort of thinking it might be a scam.  The PR rep said she was delighted to hear about my love for Archway cookies and offered to send me some.

A Fedex delivery of free Archway cookies.

Within a few days of responding to her email, not one, but four packages of cookies arrived in a Fed-Ex box.  Three of them are new flavors, and I’m very much looking forward to cracking them open and trying them (still eating through the ones I bought before!).  After oatmeal, peanut butter cookies are probably my second favorite, and there was a package of them in the box.  If Archway made them as good as the oatmeal cookies, they should be awesome!

Thanks again Archway!  You’ll always have a place in my cookie jar.

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Brad Farless

IJ: Hi hi! The peanut butter cookies are fantastic! I ate more than half in one sitting. The triple chocolate are rich. It's like eating a brownie with chocolate chunks in it. You can't have more than two or three in one sitting, but it's very very good. I didn't care for the iced oatmeal, either the snack kind in the picture of the regular ones. The lemonade ones are too sweet. I ate too many and got a stomach ache. If you like rocky road then the triple chocolate is probably just what you're looking for, in terms of… Read more »


Okay just came across your blog because I'm pregnant and craving archway rocky road cookies. My grandmother used to buy them for us! Desperate to find them…hoping they ate still around. Now I'm super curious to know your verdict on the new flavors they sent you? Didn't see a follow up post. Thx IJ

Brad Farless

TheHOchieS: The Iced Lemonade cookies are … AWESOME. It's like eating lemon meringue pie, but as a cookie. I could demolish the bag in one sitting!

Brad Farless

Don't worry. I think I'm going to have to write another post about how they actually taste. One package down, but that's a lot of cookies!


Iced Lemonade…must. go. out. and. find. some.

Can't wait to find out what your verdict is.



Brad Farless

No way. I'm going to eat them all. I'll buy more though!

kahel kuting

save some for me!=)