Do you like cats? Do you like Japan and anime? Check this out!

I just stumbled across this trailer for an anime called The Cat Returns, from Studio Ghibli.  They always put out quality stuff, so this should be a lot of fun to watch, especially for my wife who loves cats much more than I do.  ^_^

The Cat Returns Trailer

Speaking of cats, I just started looking into the convoluted process of transporting my cats from Manila to New York City in the US via Singapore Airlines.  In some ways it looks like it’s going to be even easier than getting them from Singapore to the Philippines.  The US doesn’t require a lot of documentation to import them and the Philippines doesn’t require too much documentation to export them.  The Assistant Animal Transport Office at Frankfurt’s international airport assured me that all they need are their vaccination records and health certificate to be transported through Germany on the layover there.  The trouble seems to be Singapore, though I’m not entirely sure yet what all paperwork I’ll need.

I’ll go into that more later!

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Hi! I have a Master's degree in History from the City College of New York - CUNY and I'm an Army combat veteran. I love manga, anime, history, sci-fi, video games, and technology. I'm an avid reader and am currently interested in religion and philosophy.

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Brad F.

I had the same opinion before owning a few myself. They can be a lot of trouble, but they can be a lot of fun too.


I don't particular dislike cats in general, but “like cats,” not high on my list. Cartoons cats are okay.

Brad F.

I have a 2007 MBP collecting dust in my closet. Apple employees insisted that they have to repair it instead of selling me parts, so with their labor charges it was cheaper for me to buy a new Win7 laptop. I also have an iPhone, but for what I use it for, I could just as easily get a Blackberry or Android phone I think. I really just can't see the point of an iPad. For what I do on the Internet I need a keyboard. So, I suppose Apple has lost its shine for me. I'm hopeful that either… Read more »


E-ink sound cool, hopefully something compatible with your format will come along!. as for the Ipad i think it's way over rated… I know I use a mac and an Ipod but as for the Iphone/pad I would steer well clear… way to pricey for something so restricted. I would prefer to wait for an android tablet (I think Samsung is making one!)

Brad F.

Now that you mention it, Forbidden Planet did have a selection of manga on the 2nd floor. Maybe it's part of the same chain? I suppose if a UK chain had a branch in the US, NYC would be a good spot for it. They sold a lot of new comics, but I think they had older issues too. B&N has an eReader called the Nook. I don't know if it's actually on the market yet. I don't know if it matters now either. It's a shame, because I have a lot of eBooks… about 900… and they're in .epub… Read more »


We don't have a B&N in the UK so all I really know about them is they have an E-reader … I think… ?? However we do have a Forbidden Planet!! don't know if it's the same one because ours is a chain but they sell a bit of everything including manga!! But your one sounds cool I love collecting OOP comics but I'm more a fan of paperbacks!

Brad F.

I don't think I'll have my own place by February, but if you do make it, definitely let me know. I can show you the comic book store I always went to, ever since I was a kid. It's called Forbidden Planet. I bought some of the 1st print Dark Tower comics there on my last visit.

I actually don't know where any manga shops are in NYC, not devoted ones anyway. The manga I saw was always in bigger retail chains like Barnes & Noble, which is up for sale this month… unfortunately.


Yeah deffo hit the USA manga shops! I really wanna go to a US comic book store!! The only thing is they are charging like £650 for 5 days so i might so depending on the educational things they have planned!

Brad F.

By the way, if you ever do make it over to NYC, let me know. We can meet up for lunch.

Brad F.

Ya, this is a bit unexpected, but I have some things I have to take care of back in the US that require me to actually be there physically, one of which is a stipulation for getting my wife's visa. There's more to it than that, but I think I'll leave the rest for later, if at all.

NYC is a pretty kick ass place. I've lived there once and visited frequently. It'll be nice to get back.


Woah you move so much!! hopefully it all works out! New York should be cool though I've always wanted to go and might get the chance in Feb with my uni !! ^^