Dapper Recovers; Thumper Gets Sick


A few days ago I posted about our cat Dapper getting spayed.  I mentioned at the end of the post that she came back with a cough.  I was planning on taking her to the vet, but my trip got put off.  Then, somehow, her cough started to clear up on its own overnight.  Perhaps the whole thing was related to her surgery.

So, I’m glad to report that Dapper is feeling much better now.  It’s been about a week and a half since she was spayed and she seems to be back to her old self.  In fact, she seems even more active and happy than before.  I think going into heat over and over was driving her crazy.  My wife and I were talking about it earlier tonight, and Dapper seems a lot more affectionate.  It’s as if she’s a kitten again.

She has also started meowing again, which is nice.  She was a very vocal cat and I missed it.  Her meow does seem a bit huskier now, but that’s fine.  I’m just glad to see she’s recovering.  All that’s left for her, it seems, is to grow back the hair on her belly where it was shaved for the surgery.  It looks a little funny.


So, what now!?  It seems like it’s one thing after another with our cats.  Now that Dapper is well again, Thumper seems to have taken ill.  He’s been listless, sleepy, and he’s running a fever.  I wonder if he caught something from Dapper?  It’s possible that Dapper picked up a virus from the cats she came in contact with at the vet and brought it home with her, and that Thumper picked it up from her.

The fever isn’t too high, so we’re keeping him home.  I’ve been making sure he drinks water and eats… even if he doesn’t want to.  I think he’s pissed at me now, but thanks to my efforts he’s more active and aware and seems to be getting better.  We also bought some wet food to tempt him into eating, and he gobbled down quite a bit of it, complemented with more dry food, before going back to sleep.

Hopefully he’ll feel better in the morning!  Oh, and it’s quite an interesting experience to stick a thermometer in a cat’s butt.

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