Dapper and Thumper Cat Photo Post

Thumper giving a weird look.

For some reason, Dapper was hugging Thumper’s head.  She didn’t seem to mind.

A close-up of the head-hugging.

I call this one “pussy sandwich”.

I used that brown bag to pack some stuff for when we went to Kuala Lumpur earlier this month.  She saw it on the bed and then took up position half inside it.  The expression on her face says, “Hey, I know what’s going on here and I don’t like it.”  Cats are smarter than people give them credit for I think.  They knew we were going to be gone for a while as soon as we pulled out our big bags and started packing them.  They got agitated, ran around a bit and then tried to stay close to us to prevent us from leaving.

Who says cats can’t be affectionate?

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Darn, I can see your other pix. These wont show for me >_<

Brad F.

A lot of the older posts have broken photos that I haven’t had time to fix. I switched blogging platforms.


Haha, I love the hugging picture! (turns out my blog decided to have your comment approved by me first. Meh)

Pumpkin used to lie on the floor in front of the door in the mornings as I was getting dressed for work. Then when I tried to get out, I would feel this little paw on my leg, stopping me from going anywhere.

Brad F.

Too bad they're so spoiled and such ingrates.


awww.. so cute photos. yeah i think theyre aware. even in the morning when i spray my cologne they know its time for me to leave for work!