Chinese New Year 2010: KLCC Suria Decorations

KLCC Suria Mall had some decorations set up for the Chinese New Year.  There were these neat looking decorations hanging from the ceiling:

As well as a stage set up with a woman playing a song on an instrument.

Also, near the rear exit by the fountain they had this screen set up.  Groups of people were posing in front of it to get their pictures taken.

The decorations look nice, but they seem a bit sterile to me.  I think Singapore will do it better.  I’m looking forward to seeing the Chinese New Year festivities later this month.

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Brad F.

It really was very elegant looking. Definitely. Out of all of their malls I think KLCC gets the most foot traffic from tourists since it's underneath the Petronas Towers. They definitely made sure to keep the decorations tasteful.


This looks beautiful