Children Selling Cigarettes in the Philippines


I was sitting on that same second floor window where I saw the girl with the bag that said “Use Me” when I saw something else interesting.  Does this count as child exploitation?  Isn’t there a law against it?  Maybe there isn’t.  It seems like labor regulation is pretty loose in the Philippines, which can apparently have both its ups and downs.

This reminds me of something else I saw, where children were encouraged to buy tokens for the toy machines in a grocery store at the tobacco counter.


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Brad F.

You'd think there would be more laws to protect children from early exposure to tobacco. It makes sense! But I have a feeling that corporations are bribing their way into not having the laws passed.


I saw and witnessed this scene in Indonesia, Phillipines, Thailand and India before.

20 years later, I'm still seeing the same thing. What can I say???

I'm speechless. :-((