Malaysia’s Church Bombings A Disappointment

“I think Singaporeans must have a care not to bring problems like this to themselves,” said DPM Wong at a community event in Singapore on Sunday. “We live in an inter—connected world, we cannot be divorced from what happens in other countries. But at the same time we must be rational, and examine: when weContinue reading “Malaysia’s Church Bombings A Disappointment”

More Thoughts On The Fort Hood Incident

I’ve been trying to keep up with the news about what’s going on with the incident at Fort Hood and it looks like Nidal Malik Hasan is going to be facing the death penalty.  Well, that’s what prosecutors are pushing for anyway.  He’ll be tried in a military court, rather than a civilian one, andContinue reading “More Thoughts On The Fort Hood Incident”

Responding To The Fort Hood Tragedy

On Thursday afternoon at around 1 PM CST at Fort Hood, Texas, there was a tragedy involving an Army major opening fire on fellow soldiers. The result was that 12 soldiers died and 28 were wounded. I can relate to this incident because I spent 8 years in the US Army. I don’t have aContinue reading “Responding To The Fort Hood Tragedy”

Islamic Honor Killings: Tulay Goren

You know that “hot stories” sidebar thing on the right side of the Facebook newsfeed?  Well, I happened to click through on an article from Mail Online about a father accused of murdering his 15 year old daughter as an ‘honor killing’.  I’d read about another instance where that happened in Canada. If you’re notContinue reading “Islamic Honor Killings: Tulay Goren”

Is Religion A Threat To Singapore?

I came across the following article today on ReporterNews: Singapore prime minister: Religion threatens stability Associated Press Thursday, August 20, 2009 SINGAPORE — Singapore’s prime minister said in his National Day speech that “aggressive preaching” by religious groups and evangelizing threaten the tiny city-state’s stability. Lee Hsien Loong, a Buddhist by birth, said his educationContinue reading “Is Religion A Threat To Singapore?”