Corruption in the Philippines

I was told that in the Philippines, making money depends on how inventive you are, and how entreprenuerial you can be.  The average salary in the Philippines doesn’t count for much when converted to almost any other foreign currency, and most salaries in the Philippines don’t count for much there either.  This is especially trueContinue reading “Corruption in the Philippines”

Montage of Poverty and Upscale Construction

While we were commuting back and forth through the Philippines I noticed something that I haven’t seen anywhere else.  The Philippines is like a montage of poverty, middle class, and upper-class establishments and homes. What I mean is that in, say, the US, you have neighborhoods that are well-to-do.  The houses are all very nice. Continue reading “Montage of Poverty and Upscale Construction”

Standing Out Like A Sore Thumb

When you’re a white guy and you’re in the Philippines you’re something like a superstar.  It feels like you’re being followed around by the paparazzi or something.  This isn’t really the case in the Manila area, well not so much anyways, but out in the provincial areas, everyone takes a look at you. I getContinue reading “Standing Out Like A Sore Thumb”

Weird Animals in the Philippines

The last few times I was in the Philippines I didn’t really notice anything but ants and mosquitoes. We had quite a bit of excitement this time around though, with giant spiders and snakes. Here are some photos: This ugly bastard is about the size of your average wallet, including the legs. I’m no expertContinue reading “Weird Animals in the Philippines”

Beggars In The Philippines

Beggars are a pretty common sight in the Philippines, but not all of them are what they seem. In the U.S. there’s a running joke that some bums are just bums part-time to make some extra money. When they’re done they go home to wash up for the night and get ready for work inContinue reading “Beggars In The Philippines”