Goldilocks Treats

Goldilocks is a pretty well known bakery in the Philippines.  You can find outlets all over the place there and the things they sell are really tasty.  The first time I was in the Philippines over a year ago I noticed the place and we wound up buying some cakes to try them out.  Well,Continue reading “Goldilocks Treats”

Air Conditioning: US vs Singapore & Philippines

Living in the US, I got accustomed to central air conditioning.  Besides the fact that it’s generally cooler in the US than it is in Singapore, the idea of having your air conditioner on all day long is culturally acceptable in most parts of the country.  The air conditioner is simply set to maintain aContinue reading “Air Conditioning: US vs Singapore & Philippines”

Whitening Products in the Philippines

One of the most peculiar things I found in the Philippines is the array of whitening products available in the stores. The range of the products is impressive to the point of national obsession. There are whitening soaps, whitening creams, whitening powders, whitening deodorants, whitening pills, etc etc. (And as a side note, you canContinue reading “Whitening Products in the Philippines”

Sent Off In Style

Remember how I said in an earlier post that Filipinos will use a motorbike for just about anything? Well, when my wife and I flew back out of the Philippines, we had to leave through Clark Air Base, since that’s where we arrived at. We spent most of our stay in Antipolo and had toContinue reading “Sent Off In Style”