Al-Andalus: From Convivencia to Limpieza de Sangre

The Rock of Gibraltar, the name of which is derived from the Arabic Jabal Tariq, “Mount of Tariq,” in honor of Tariq ibn Ziyad, the Berber Muslim conqueror of ancient Iberia, and essentially the founder of al-Andalus. In 711 CE, a force of Berber Muslims under the command of Tariq ibn Ziyad landed on theContinue reading “Al-Andalus: From Convivencia to Limpieza de Sangre”

Faith and Unity: The ‘Ummah’ as the New Kinship Group

The Quran and prayer beads. In approximately 610 CE, a man named Muhammad ibn Abdallah went to a cave in the hills above Mecca to meditate, as he was accustomed to do. There, he had a powerful religious experience and began reciting verses of what would become known as the Quran, the holy book ofContinue reading “Faith and Unity: The ‘Ummah’ as the New Kinship Group”

The Power of Religious Texts in History

This is something I wrote for a World Civilizations: Pre-History to 1500 (101) class.  The task was to pick a piece of literature, from religious texts to epic poems to economic records found at archaeological sites, and then describe how that work affected history.  I suppose you could say I took the easy way outContinue reading “The Power of Religious Texts in History”

The Chicago Assyrian Dictionary: Opening a New Door on History

This is a writing assignment I did for a World Civ 100 class I’m currently taking.  Expect more regular updates soon. The question: First you should summarize the article, then give your thoughts about it and tell how it might be useful in our class and to the scholarly world in general. You can certainlyContinue reading “The Chicago Assyrian Dictionary: Opening a New Door on History”

The Effects of “Strange Fruit”

The following is a main outline for a speech I wrote for my Speech Foundations class.  The information presented is true and includes a works cited section at the end of the blog post.  However, the information was presented in a fictional setting, with myself as a Professor of History at UGA speaking at theContinue reading “The Effects of “Strange Fruit””