Using Swine Flu to Sell Your Product

Swine Flu has to be the most covered and most talked about event in the last two years, and it’s not even that serious. From what I’ve read, the fatality rate is only 0.1%, which is less than the fatality rate of actual flu. It’s a new disease though, and it’s in the media limelight,Continue reading “Using Swine Flu to Sell Your Product”

Pasir Ris Park

My wife and I enjoy getting out of the house when possible, and we’re interested in finding new ways to get some exercise.  It was only natural that we would find ourselves in Pasir Ris Park sooner than later, considering how close it is to our house. When I looked at the map of Singapore,Continue reading “Pasir Ris Park”

Is Starbucks Really That Great?

I used to be a pretty big fan of Starbucks.  I would stop by one when I had time, or when I happened to be near close-by, to get a cup of “fancy” coffee.  I didn’t go often, because of the price, and because there usually wasn’t one that close to where I lived. WhatContinue reading “Is Starbucks Really That Great?”

Downtown East Mall, Pasir Ris

[Edit: I found out later that the part of the mall that these photos is from is actually called E-Hub. Though I think it is part of Downtown East, there is half again as much mall as this that I completely missed. When I make an updated post I’ll leave a link here to it.]Continue reading “Downtown East Mall, Pasir Ris”