Evening Cycling – Central Park

Cycling in Central ParkWatch this video on YouTube I’ve been trying to do a lot more exercise this year. Most of that has been cycling because it’s easy on the knees and that’s important when you’re trying to lose weight. I’m going to put more emphasis on running this month. I have a 10-mile runContinue reading “Evening Cycling – Central Park”

Cyling with a GoPro Hero 7 Black

Evening Citibike Ride in New York CityWatch this video on YouTubeTesting out the GoPro Hero 7 Black at night. A few weeks ago, my wife and I bought a GoPro Hero 7 Black. We’d been thinking about making the purchase for about a month and finally decided it’s something we’d enjoy having, and it hasContinue reading “Cyling with a GoPro Hero 7 Black”