Archway Responded To My Blog Post With An Offer of Cookies

On Friday, I came across packages of Archway cookies in the A&P on 14th street.  I’d heard they were out of business and had given up on ever having my favorite oatmeal cookies again, so I was really excited to see them up for sale.  I was so excited that I wrote a blog post about it that happened to get the attention of one of the people in their PR department:


My name is Katey Clark and I work for the PR agency of record for Archway cookies. I found your blog entry from last week and just wanted to write to say hello!

Archway has been back on store shelves since December 2009, and just last month came out with three new varieties, Shortbread, Triple Chocolate and Peanut Butter. After a vote on Facebook last week, it was almost determined that our Rocky Road cookie would come back for a limited time in 2012! (Frosty Orange was a very close second place, so we hope to bring that back for a limited time as well).

We’d love to send you a few trays of cookies to try out! Find us on Facebook at:

Have a good rest of your weekend!


katey clark
public relations account executive

p:  410.234.2531
m: 330.730.8407
[email protected]

I obviously took them up on their offer of free cookies.  Who wouldn’t?  I didn’t specify any flavor in particular, so it’ll be a surprise.  It’s really neat to see Archway taking an active interest in user feedback via blogs and rewarding that feedback with gifts of the cookies that Archway fans love.

I’ll update again when they arrive! =)

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that's nice of them.

Brad Farless

I'm usually really bad about getting free anything, except free samples at the food court. Ha!


That's so awesome. Only time i ever got free cookies was when i found a hair baked into one I had just bought!! Its so good when big companies show a genuine intrest in the people who buy their products!