Archway Cookies Are Back!

Iced Oatmeal and Dutch Cocoa Archway cookies.

I don’t remember the first time I had Archway cookies, but I really really love the plain oatmeal flavored ones.  They were, and probably still are, my dad’s favorite cookies too.  That’s how I first tried them.  Sometime after getting back to the US last year, I found out that Archway had gone out of business and I was really upset by it.  It sounds ridiculous to get upset over cookies, but they’re just that good!

I searched around to see if any stores still had packages of the plain oatmeal cookies in stock, but I didn’t have any luck.  Today on my way home I stopped in A&P on 14th street and saw Archway cookies on the shelf.  They didn’t have plain oatmeal, so I got the ones pictured above instead.  On the way out, I stopped to talk to the store manager and he told me that Weiz had bought them and was distributing the cookies again.  I asked him if he could get in some of the plain oatmeal cookies and he said he would talk to the distributor about getting some.

Life just got better.

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Brad Farless

TheHOchieS: Glad I could help. If you can't find them anywhere else, I got these at the A&P on 14th Street and 1st Ave. Get off the train at Union Square, then take the 14a or 14d heading east on 14th street. =)



Dutch cocoa cookies, I remember you. Thanks for the heads up because I was wondering where they got to; now I will try to find some somewhere.

Brad Farless

Dang. I remember Atomic Fireballs. They used to light my mouth on fire. They were a lot of fun. When I was a kid, we'd dare each other to eat them.


I meant Gosh not Josh!! ^_^


Josh I love when you find stuff like this after forever! for me it was Atomic Fireballs was addicted to them as a kid, then they disappeared, but fortunately my local shop started selling them again! SCORE!!

Brad Farless

I've had gingersnaps before. I have to be in a certain mood to eat them and I can only have a few at a time.

Archways are the best cookies I've ever had. I felt like I'd lost an old friend when I was told they were going out of business. I'm so glad they're back. =)


I have never seen the iced oatmeal pictured above, but that looks too awesome. You also can't go wrong with the Dutch Cocoa, perfect with cold milk.

When I was younger, for some odd reason and due to the lack of my purchasing power as a child, there were always the Gingersnap flavored Archway cookies in the house. I only resorted to those when there was no alternatives.