Amigos; Western Food

When I moved to Asia I knew I was going to be giving up a few things. One of those things was easy access to cow meat. Singapore doesn’t have much in the way of cheap beef, or reasonably priced steaks. Or, so I thought.

During my first visit to Singapore in March of 2008 I saw that a typical diet here consists of mostly chicken, pork, or fish and rice or noodles with a small portion of some green leafy vegetable. Soups containing those ingredients are also popular. That’s pretty much all I’ve eaten for the last year as well. Not that I’m complaining! A lot of those dishes are delicious! But, I had a craving for something a bit more solid than that, and the last time I had a good amount of beef was on my birthday in the Philippines in March of this year. Even then it wasn’t a steak dinner as most Americans would envision it.

I had resigned myself to the belief that I would only have a good steak dinner when I was back in the US, so I wasn’t actively looking around for good deals. I didn’t want to break my budget to get something I can easily do without.

When my wife and I first agreed to rent our current place in Pasir Ris, the agent that located the property for us gave us a short tour of the area. Well, actually we went on an hour long walk around a good portion of the neighborhood but it was so exciting that we hardly noticed the distance we covered until we looked at it on a map later.

During this walk, we passed a small shop that was part of a hawker area. It’s called ‘Amigos; Western Food’ and doesn’t have a very impressive exterior, but the agent went into detail about how good the food they serve is. I smiled and nodded, but I wasn’t really convinced, and wasn’t in any hurry to try it. A few days ago I had an interesting conversation with a guy from Egypt, who also had nothing but good things to say about the place.

Last night, my wife and I finally got around to checking it out. Good thing the place is open late, because we didn’t make it over there until about 1am! I think we were the only customers there. We took a look at the menu, and I was surprised to see that there was a steak available for only 13.90, so I ordered it. My wife got a plate of lamb chops, which was also reasonably priced at about 9 dollars or so. Still, it was cheap, so I wasn’t expecting much. I certainly wasn’t expecting something that looked better than the picture on the menu. That’s sort of a joke, where what you order rarely looks as tasty as the picture. This time, the opposite was true, and we were more than pleasantly surprised to find such great looking dishes at a hawker stall.

The lamb chops.

The steak.

So, I suppose the real question is, how did it taste? That was the second surprise. The stuff was better than great! It was fantastic! In anticipation of a potential fail whale, we asked for Tabasco sauce, but we wound up not needing it. As you can see from the pictures above, both dishes came with a sauce. Each had a distinct taste that seemed appropriate to the meat. The potato wedges were also fantastic and the veggies used for the small salad were crisp and fresh. As for the meat, it was tender and had just the right amount of fat on it. My steak was a little undercooked, but it had been so long since I’d had a good steak dinner, and it tasted so good, that I didn’t care. I gobbled the whole thing down, then cleared the rest of the plate, and was very satisfied. My wife and I traded bites of lamb for steak, and her lamb was just as good.

If anyone’s looking for a reasonably priced place to get a great steak or set of lamb chops, this is definitely the place to go!

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Brad Farless

I think they stay open until about 2 or 2:30 am. Most of the restaurants in that area are open all night, or until really late.


That IS a generous-looking meal and I'm glad for you (both) that your orders ended up more than what you'd generally expect. One in the morning you say? How late do these places stay open??


Well… I did same as you did. And I actually found you on theinternetisterrible πŸ™‚ it's so easy to comment there, but these people who then come to my blog from there, don't become regular readers, because my blog is different than Raisins' blog. Anyway, I'm doing same. If I find a nice blog, I tend to return and comment. And it gradually increases my hits and comments. I started same as you. And now it's a bit better. But it's also because of the huge amounts of our posts. We wrote like 200+ posts and many people can now… Read more Β»


I checked again.. maybe I have 50 hits per day.. sometimes is more, sometimes less… 100 is not bad πŸ™‚ I'm sure you'll grow faster than me, but I'm happy for you. If you grow, I grow, too πŸ™‚ I'm your top commentator ^^

Brad Farless

Well, I think a good way of getting new readers is to leave good comments on other blogs. Comments that let the author know you actually read and thought about what they wrote. That could potentially bring that blog's author, and some of the commenters on that blog, to your site as well. From there though, whether or not they stay depends on your blog's content.


@L., shall see who's his no 1 fan πŸ˜› The competition is on… Kidding. @Tales, well, 100hits per day, that's my average, too πŸ™‚ But still better than 10 hits, right? It did increase in the last 2 months and it'll rise, for both of us. I made some changes. I'm now having more provocative titles (so that the ZRL also has the same words in it) and if it's not provocative, it tend to be descriptive. Instead of 'Oh steak!How I missed you' I'd write something like: “Best steak in the world is in Singapore” or “Amigos, Western food,… Read more Β»

Brad Farless

Thanks for the compliments, but I'm not sure this blog gets enough hits every day to warrant free meals or payments. Maybe sometime in the future! For now though, I'm only averaging about 100 hits per day. Not much, but not bad for a hobby blog either.


yes he is good isnt he? i keep telling him that. one day he will be famous and he will have to thank you and me because we are his inspiration. hahaha. im his number 1 fan.


I tell you if you don't send an email to the boss of Amigos, I'll do it! You write the best reviews, they should treat you some steaks for free πŸ˜› You should promote it on your blog more visibly, maybe you could really turn a buck, ask some of these places if they wanna put an ad on your blog and at least give you some free meals πŸ™‚ Then you need a new skin for your blog, more colorful with a nice header photo. No, seriously. These reviews are great and you should get some credit for it.