A Twitter Anniversary Card

My wife and I recently had an anniversary and we got a card in the mail from my dad.  When I pulled it out of the envelope, the first thing I thought of was Twitter.  Maybe I’m using Twitter too much, but this card looks oddly similar to the Twitter bird, and to one of the default background designs you can choose for your Twitter home page.

If you’re curious, the card is made by Hallmark, but I wasn’t able to find the design on the Hallmark website.

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  1. @Rowena: Ah, you mean you don't Tweet? That's a shame… It's kinda like non-obligatory chatting. You don't have to respond until you're ready to and it's ok. I think that's one of the things I like most about it. That and there's just so much good stuff being shared over it!

    @MKL: Hallmark makes some fantastic cards! Hmmm. You'll have to get married first for one of these. ^_^

  2. Ok what's going on here…. I hadn't seen an update in a while (nothing showed up in my bloglines feed) so stopped into see if maybe you went on vacation.

    And yeah, it does look like the blue bird on twitter!

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