A Simple Solution To Avoid Having To Repeat Yourself

A solution to avoid having to repeat yourself.

My mother’s apartment building has a security desk at the door, which is manned 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, rain or shine, etc., etc.  Since there’s always a guard sitting there, rather than taking the time to check their mail by finding their key and opening the box, people constantly asked if the mailman had come by yet.  This building houses (rough guess) at least 300 people.  Now imagine if, say, 50 of those people asked you every day if the mailman had come by yet.  Irritating, right?

So, one of the guards came up with this simple solution.  She wrote the question on a piece of paper, tacked it on the wall, and then created a reversible Yes/No sign to hang on the wall.

The only thing that reduces the effectiveness of this solution is that this building houses a group of people who are blind, and I don’t see any braille on that paper.

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Brad F.

We all get creative when it comes to sparing ourselves undue hardship don't we? =)

Brad F.

I was just trying to be funny. ^_^ There are quite a few blind people, but I doubt there are a hundred of them. Still, I'm sure the sign heads off a lot of irritation on the part of the guards.


that guard is in the wrong field he should be a researcher/inventor!


honey thats neat. but im sure there is just a handful of blind people. if there is a hundred of them though thats another thing.