Would You Put This Joy Juice In Your Mouth?

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Kickapoo, Joy Juice, Product Of Singapore

(Picture taken in Singapore)

It’s actually not that bad!

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8 Comments on "Would You Put This Joy Juice In Your Mouth?"

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Brad F.

But it says “Product of Singapore” on the can?


Hey its Canadian! LOL!


Looking at it now, I kinda wish I'd paid more attention to what those little guys on the can are doing so I could tell you. Hmm.


I suppose that if I was in the middle of a desert with no oasis in sight, Kickapoo would have to do.


From what I can tell this stuff is fairly popular around here. It has a citrus taste to it and is actually pretty good.


Funny! I never saw this one.

Joy juice? Are you kidding me? First poo, then joy juice? I thought joy juice supposed to come out a meer cat 😉 Right?


Kick a poo? OMG, can that really be true? Hahaha… what a found. How does it taste?


I'd suck out that poo with a straw like there was no tomorrow!