US Body Scanners Can Create Full Nudes, Even of Children

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These images which are taken by the body scanners the US government is installing can be, with one click, converted to full color nude images of all men, women, and CHILDREN, who go through them.  It’s not a complicated process and doesn’t require expensive digital manipulation programs either.  Even the most basic of photo editing programs can do it.  Even some cameras can invert images right after you take them.

Despite what we’ve been told, it’s obvious that genitals are very obviously shown in these images, as well as distinguishable facial features.  Also, they keep saying that they can’t save the images, but that makes no sense because then how would they keep them for evidence when prosecuting someone found with contraband?  Keep in mind that these are low-resolution images.  The images that will be captured by the actual machines will be high resolution and very clear.

Do you really want to stand naked in front of some guy in a small room by himself, possibly with a mobile camera phone or camera?  Do you want your 10 year old daughter to do so?

I put money on it that shortly after these become common we’ll start finding body scan images all over the internet.

The government won’t be satisfied until they can bend us over and examine the inside of our body orifices with a camera prior to boarding a plane, all because they were simply too damn stupid to do a passport check before someone got on a plane.  It feels more like that was a set up, an excuse to further invade our privacy.

The incompetency of our government is starting to affect our right to privacy.  This makes me seriously question whether or not I’ll ever bother to fly again in the US.  This is thoroughly disgusting.  I hope it affects the number of passengers willing to fly and cuts into the bottom line of airlines.

(Pictures via Infowars)

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6 Comments on "US Body Scanners Can Create Full Nudes, Even of Children"

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Brad F.

Yes. I can't imagine having my privacy violated that way. Makes me hesitate when I think about how I'm going to travel back to the US in the future. Maybe I'll land in Canada and cross the border on land.

Brad F.

Yes, it's very disturbing! What's more disturbing is how people don't seem to mind letting their privacy be violated in such a way.

Glenn Lopez

this is what i love about being a pilot.. i dont have to deal with crap like this cos I chose to land on small aerodromes. this type of security is just wrong!

Brad F.

Oh I'm sure they know Ron. I think they just don't care.


this is disturbing..


shocking and did they know this themselves already? I suggest that you submit your info to CNN immediately.